“Hearts Knit Together”

Elder Gary E. Stevenson

April 2021 General Conference Address

“Here is a story that might help you about a Primary boy named Minchan Kim from South Korea. His family joined the Church about six years ago.

“One day at school, a few of my classmates were making fun of another student by calling him names. It looked like fun, so for a few weeks I joined in with them.

“Several weeks later, the boy told me even though he pretended he didn’t care, he was hurt by our words, and he cried every night. I almost cried when he told me. I felt very sorry and wanted to help him. The next day I went up to him and put my arm around his shoulder and apologized, saying, ‘I’m really sorry that I made fun of you.’ He nodded at my words, and his eyes filled up with tears.

“But the other kids were still making fun of him. Then I remembered what I learned in Primary class: choose the right. So I asked my classmates to stop. Most of them decided not to change, and they were mad at me. But one of the other boys said he was sorry, and the three of us became good friends.

“Even though a few people still made fun of him, he felt better because he had us. “I chose the right by helping a friend in need.”8 Isn’t this a good example for you to try to become like Jesus?”