Using Anti- Racism Scriptures and Quotes

"Morning With Those That Mourn", by Natalie Cosby
"Heavenly Mother", by Angela Smith

      Every child of God throughout the world is loved and belongs. These scriptures and quotes by General Authorities and others have been compiled to provide a tool for the cause of anti-racism. We stand behind this extensive asset of quotes and scriptures that unequivocally supports the truth that racism of any kind has no place within the practices, culture, or walls of our meetinghouses, homes, or anywhere we may be.

      “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” (Doctrine & Covenants 38:30) We exhort you to study and keep this at hand to reference gospel truths when giving talks, commenting in second hour lessons and Church council meetings. We encourage the use of these Heaven sent words, along with artwork that reflects the true diversity of our Church, on bulletin boards, handouts, and social media, etc. to promote inclusivity everywhere.

       Because of the great amount of similarities between topics in anti-racism, we invite you to study each section, as many quotes and scriptures simultaneously support multiple concepts. We are thrilled and delighted to share this vast resource of Christlike love and plead with you to use it to help us root out racism in every corner of the world!