Meetinghouse Artwork

The Church has an approved list of artwork for meetinghouses and other buildings. They are currently working on some commissions from LDS artists to include more diverse representation of the Savior and other figures. These pieces are set to be released in the near future. Until then, here are some pieces currently available on the approved list that could be good suggestions now to recommend to local leaders. Keep in mind that there are specific pieces approved for foyers vs. other areas. Shown below are some suggested pieces on the foyer approved list (2 from a woman artist of color and 1 showing Christ as a person of color) as well as some suggestions for other areas that center people of color.


Master of Ocean, Earth & Skies by Rose Datoc Dall
Greatest in the Kingdom by J. Kirk Richards
Living Waters by Rose Datoc Dall


One By One by Caylee Murdock
Drop By Drop by Megan Rieker
Vida by Gaylynn Ribeira
Bring Up Your Children in Light and Truth by Gaylynn Ribeira

Contacting the Church directly

The Church currently has an email address set up as a way for members to make suggestions: Keep in mind the importance of requesting that the Savior Himself be represented accurately as a person of color. Also keep in mind that if the artist you are suggesting is white to consider if that artist is using their place of privilege to shine light on artists of color and are not just benefiting from the movement. We want to encourage a thoughtful look at how this work can uplift and provide exposure for artists of color. Please encourage people you know to also make suggestions that are accurately representing the Savior as He is. We want to normalize seeing Him and hearing Him and representing Him in power and glory as a person of color.  

Send an email directly to the Church to make your suggestion:

[email protected]