Who are we, and why Mosaic?

Our Story

We are an inclusive group of women of all races and cultural backgrounds. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and believe that when the artwork in our meetinghouses reflects our worldwide membership, the divinity of all of God’s children is affirmed. We are working towards fostering & promoting more diverse religious artwork that represents our global membership as well as diverse depictions of Christ.

Historically Christ was a Palestinian Jew and a person of color, which is not the typical depiction of Him. When His image is represented as a person of color, it becomes a powerful way to hear Him and hear those who are also not represented.

Meetinghouse Mosaic is a 501(c)(3).

Welcome to the Mosaic!

A meetinghouse mosaic is what we want to see when we come together – a variety of differences assembled together, piece by piece, to collectively create something beautiful! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is full of diversity! As a worldwide church, there are so many cultures, languages, races, and personalities and every person, every voice, is needed. Our goal is to highlight and lift up those who have been overlooked, left out, or misrepresented. We want to use this space to highlight BIPOC artists as well as to provide ideas of small, simple, and inexpensive ways that we can work together to represent our global membership. We know that by using art that is multiculturally diverse in our lessons, on our bulletin boards, as handouts in class, or to those to whom we minister, we will be fostering an atmosphere of acceptance, empathy, and love. Our hope is that Latter-Day art will finally represent the beautiful diversity of the worldwide church!

We invite all who visit this site to please read the history of how Christ came to be represented as white in artwork and why it’s important to have Him represented correctly.