Download Second Coming

by Melissa Tshikamba 

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As a result of generous donations by supporters of our mission, Meetinghouse Mosaic has commissioned (compensated) Melissa Tshikamba to create this beautiful piece, and for a license to offer free downloads for personal printing. 

Our intention for this project is twofold- to redistribute visibility to artists of color, whose voice and vision are critical to becoming Zion, and to flood our homes, meetinghouses, and communities with diverse portrayals of Christ in ways that are accessible to all. 

Diverse art has a positive effect on every observer.

Marginalized groups and individuals will, at last, see themselves in Deity (we are all created in God’s image), our places of worship become a more welcoming and inviting space, and those who have historically benefited from systems of oppression and racism will have opportunities to confront and deconstruct implicit biases, which can change lives for generations to come.