Ideas For Sharing the New Picture of Christ

  1. Print the small picture out and give to your missionaries to give to investigators.

  2. Teach a Home Evening lesson geared to children.

    Give each child a printed picture of Christ—<a href="/home-evening-lesson-idea/" target="_blank">click here</a> for lesson idea.

  3. Print out 8x10s and put it on your choice of bulletin boards in your church building.

  4. Use the picture of Christ as your profile picture for Easter Sunday

  5. Print out copies and give one to each of your children for Easter.

    (could include in their Easter Basket)

  6. Challenge friends through your social media to print out an 8 x 10 to put somewhere prominent in your home.

  7. Print small pictures and give to the Primary children in your ward.

  8. Print bookmarks with the picture of Christ to use in their scriptures

    Can use Perforated Paper (3 bookmarks per page). <a href="/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/HE-IS-RISEN-Bookmark.pdf" target="_blank">Click here</a> for printable bookmark.

  9. Give a printed picture of Christ as a gift for the person to whom you minister or give to those who minister to you.

  10. Ask Stake, Ward, or Auxilliary leaders to give the print as gifts.

  11. Have an activity where 8 x 10 frames are decorated.

    Print out enough 8 x 10 pictures of Christ to put in the frames and place somewhere in their homes.

  12. Print the small picture of Christ on “Transparent Vinyl Sticker Paper”.

    Put on cell phone, or make something to hang on the car mirror and put the picture of Christ on it.

  13. Put the picture of Christ in auxilliary newsletters, the printed sacrament program, attach it to picture hangers on chalkboards in each classroom.

  14. Take to ward/auxilliary campouts to use with the spiritual thought.

  15. Put the picture of Christ on the cover of a journal.

  16. Use the picture of Christ as a centerpiece for Christmas or Easter Ward parties.

  17. Use the picture of Christ for special occasions.

    I.e. baptisms, graduating from Primary to youth groups, receiving advancement or awards, new move in gift

  18. Bring as a gift when visiting retirement homes or those in the hospital.

  19. Use as gift from chaplains to soldiers.

  20. Use as a seminary or institute gift.