Jesus Christ at the Center of Our Lives

Elder Jose Alonso

April 2024 General Conference

“As we journey through mortality, we are at times beset by trials: the severe pain of the loss of loved ones, the arduous fight against illness, the sting of injustice, the harrowing experiences of harassment or abuse, the shadow of unemployment, familial tribulations, the silent cry of loneliness, or the heartrending consequences of armed conflicts. In such moments, our souls yearn for refuge. We seek earnestly to know: Where may we find the balm of peace? In whom can we place our trust to help us with the confidence and strength to surmount these challenges?Who possesses the patience, the encompassing love, and the omnipotent hand to uplift and sustain us?

…By placing Christ at the core of our thoughts and deeds, we align ourselves with His outlook and strength.This adjustment does not discount our struggles; instead, it helps us to navigate through them under divine guidance. As a result, we discover solutions and support that arise from a higher wisdom. Adopting this Christ-centric perspective empowers us with the fortitude and insight to turn our trials into victories, reminding us that with the Savior, what seems like a major problem can become a pathway to greater spiritual progress.

…Jesus Christ is our hope and the answer to life’s greatest pains. Through His sacrifice, He paid for our sins and took upon Himself all of our suffering—pain, injustice, sorrow, and fear–“