“Healing Racism Through Jesus Christ” – Individual Feeling of Pride

Dr. Ryan Gabriel, BYU Assistant Professor of Sociology

April 6, 2021 BYU Devotional Address

“Racism is enticing because it provides individuals a feeling of pride. The feeling of pride is frequently justified by continued notions of biological superiority, misinterpretations of scripture, and myopic knowledge of the accomplishments of various racial and ethnic groups. The adversary uses pride, intrinsic to racism, to attempt to distort a foundational tenet of the plan of salvation—that we are all equal spirit children of heavenly parents. He twists this foundational tenet with racism to falsely claim that racial groups are inherently different and that certain racial groups are better than others.

Despite the relative simplicity of this strategy, it can be highly effective. Undoubtedly, the poisonous perfume of pride can lure innocent individuals who are searching for a sense of purpose and destiny to the philosophy of racial supremacy. However, the fruit of the philosophy of racial supremacy is hatred—hatred toward one’s ­brothers and sisters, which is ultimately hatred toward God. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made it clear that this way of thinking does not befit a disciple of Christ.”